The current position:Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Series - Stainless Steel Earphone Fine Wire Mesh

Material: SUS 302 304 310L
Material classified: AA material, A material, B material 
Earphone fine wire mesh diameter: 14.2mm, 14.1mm, 13.9mm, 12.9mm, 9.4mm, 4.7mm 
Mesh: 80 - 100 mesh

Wire diameter: 0.1 mm, as per requirement. 
Weave method: plain weave
Surface: bright/  Matte
Usage: 10mm/13mm/15mm/16mm diameter, and other micro-speakers



Earphone Fine Wire Mesh 
Mesh 80-100 mesh 
Wire diameter 0.1 mm 
Headset fine wire cloth 13.9MM 14.1MM 14.2MM 
Use: 10MM/15MM/16

Stainless Steel Earphone Fine Wire Mesh


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